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Is Your Sales Team Equipped to Thrive in Abnormal (and normal) Times?

Are you prepared with a plan for growing sales in Q3 & Q4?

This participatory and interactive session is led by Al Simon, Sandler Training in Atlanta and available seats are capped.

This training has helped companies large and small in a variety of industries. You will gain breakthrough insights into more effective selling, sales management, and customer service.

Thurs., Aug. 27, 2020 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET 

Online using Zoom

Complimentary Online Executive Briefing for Business Owners, CEOs and Leaders of Sales Teams

Unprecedented times call for unique approaches.  In this interactive session, you will learn how to channel the change as well as specific selling techniques.

Get your sales team ready to sell now (virtually) and the rest of 2020 when "normal" returns!

• Have your outside sales people adapted to add inside sales processes?
• Are your sales people getting meetings with qualified buyers?
• Do you have the right people in the right positions?
• Are your salespeople equipped with the right strategies for any selling situation?

Participants will come away with: 

• Best ways to be productive while working remotely, with prospects who may also be working remotely.
• How to prospect for new business, and grow existing business, using technology.
• The keys to a winner’s mindset coming out of a pandemic.

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Do any of these problems concern you?

  • Are your salespeople dropping price just to close business?
  • Did your salespeople make quota last month and will they make quota next month?
  • Does your sales team know how to sell in this economic environment?
  • When your salespeople report a full pipeline, do you know how much is real and what isn’t?

I believe our investment into the Sandler system combined with your group instruction and personal coaching helped me actually relearn the art of selling in the back half of my career. I did not really know that I had not been changing and adjusting with the times (as I thought I had been) until I was exposed to the Sandler materials and approach. Under the program, I kept making adjustments to my selling "game" throughout the year as I learned something new in the class or from the audio CDs. The results are that I personally set the highest sales achievement record ever produced by our company, and on a national basis, I broke into the "Top 10" of all resellers for the product line we resell which includes over 150 resellers and hundreds of sales reps and I am beginning this next year with a sizeable pipeline. Thank you!

Ken Kingery Principal, Mosaic Corporation