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Prospecting & Qualifying

What if you could increase your conversion rates just by understanding how your clients think? It's not as difficult as you might think.

In this episode of the How to Succeed Podcast, Emily Yepes discusses some common mistakes salespeople make when prospecting for new customers. She explains that a lot of the fear and anxiety around prospecting stems from negative beliefs salespeople have about the process.

Simon Says . . . who is making the decision to "end it?
Published 9/27/2022

Simon Says . . . bring the prospect's past and future into the present
Published 9/20/2022

Simon Says . . . Real sales pros know they must always do this!
Published 8/9/22

Volume 22, Issue 8

Simon Says . . . you have nothing to lose by asking for a referral
Published 7/26/2022

Simon Says . . . don't insult the prospect's solutions.
Published 7/19/2022

Simon Says . . . have the prospect paint his picture with you in it.
Published 5/24/2022

Simon Says . . . take the prospect into the future.
Published 4/26/2022

Simon Says . . . If you feel it, say it, but gently
Published 4/12/22

Volume 22, Issue 4