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Prospecting & Qualifying

Simon Says. . . don't get sucked into the educational approach to sales.
Published 9/28/2021

Simon Says. . . the salesperson should not be the one to give up
Published 9/21/2021

Simon Says. . . conversation lull is not a salesperson's sign something must be said
Published 9/14/2021

Simon Says . . . most people really want what they've been told they can't have 
Published 8/31/2021

Simon Says . . . give the prospect a way to see the future "off the record."
Published 8//24/2021

Simon Says . . . give prospects a safe way to tell you what you need to do to make the sale.
Published 8/17/2021

Simon Says . . . Be skeptical
Published 8/3/21

Volume 21, Issue 8

Mike Montague interviews Hamish Knox on How to Succeed at Trials and Demos.


Simon Says . . . ask questions instead of giving answers.
Published 07/27/2021

When you’re in the middle of a prospecting discussion – that is, when you’re initiating the first real-time voice-to-voice engagement with a possible buyer – what is your goal?