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Human beings always have been and always will be driven to improve their own personal situation. As the leader, you must tap into that motivation.


Every prospecting call pays dividends. What do we mean by that? Even if we get a no, we can ask ourselves where the potential is, where the opportunity is – and we can pursue that.


How do you help salespeople, who may be underpforming, to instill a mindset of abundance and growth? Here are five steps we follow.


Simon Says . . . don't accept more play-it-safe words as an answer
Published 1/4/2022

Mike Montague interviews Jordan Mullet on How to Succeed at Starting a Journal.


Simon Says . . . you're not the only one who can effectively sell the customer
Published 12/28/2021

Mike Montague, director of community engagement at Sandler, interviews Brian Moran, best-selling author, on How to Succeed at the 12 Week Year.


Simon Says . . . the customer should never expect something for free
Published 12/21/2021

Mike Montague interviews Dan Truehl, Sandler trainer from Wisconsin, on How to Succeed at End of the Year Goal Setting.