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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us.

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Since our company was a client of Al Simon and Sandler Training, we experienced excellent results. Our people are better prepared for their sales calls, and execute them more confidently and professionally. Our revenues increased significantly, our sales cycle shortened, and our close rate increased. It has been one of our best investments.

Tom Preston President, The Agency Advantage

Rob Otersen

SPATCO Petroleum Solutions

Sales Representative

Southern Pump & Tank Company (SPATCO®) has been an industry leader since 1935, providing a complete line of equipment and services for storing, pumping, mixing and metering petroleum and industrial liquids. They offer turnkey development of retail and commercial facilities, as well as custom design and build capabilities. In-house electrical, engineering, and design departments work with clients to determine the most profitable and efficient approach to each project.

"I started Sandler Training back in 2013, and my sales have skyrocketed year over year since. My company has 18 salespeople, and I am currently ranked #1 in sales. There are many reasons why my sales numbers are where they are, and Sandler Training is definitely one of them. How much has Sandler Training had to do with my sales success? Impossible to quantify. But I can say with 100% certainty that Sandler Training has made me a lot more money. Period. It has been a game changer in my life, both personal and professional.”

Rob Otersen

Lorraine Edwards

Lorraine Communications

Lorraine Edwards is publisher of a multi-media magazine effective at reaching the key decision makers of non-metro communities which lack traditional daily media. The magazine is designed to enhance communication among chamber members, add value to chamber membership and help members grow their businesses. It provides effective means of reaching key decision makers who not only control their company's budgets but are the chief sources for referrals in their community for products and services.

"In 2005 I was in the midst of a very complex and seemingly impossible sales venture. None of the traditional sales methods worked. When I heard Al speak at a professional meeting, I knew immediately that he was the one person who could help me. Although Al has periodically mentored and coached me since that time, it was not until the beginning of 2013 that I actually enrolled in his Sandler sales training program. Through Al’s insight and the Sandler method, my revenues have prospered this year. Goals became realities rather than dreams, and I have more than doubled profits in less than a year."

Lorraine Edwards

Mark Treager

Cornerstone Media Group

Cornerstone Media Group, founded in 1993, is an interactive marketing, media and web development agency specializing in making sure that your company’s brand is IN Demand.

Our firm specializes in developing "big picture"​ marketing plans and online strategies for product oriented companies, B2B and professional service companies. We are passionate about helping helping established companies tell their stories in compelling ways online, with the goal of disrupting their marketplace in such a way the it makes their competition nervous and has customers knocking at their door.

"Even after 25 years of using Sandler, Al Simon and his team keep me challenged, engaged, and stretching to get better at focusing and really helping the prospect get real solutions to their needs and pains."

Mark Treager

Megan Lesko

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Membership Development Manager

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce serves over 2,000 members throughout metro Atlanta by delivering pertinent and useful programs that strengthen and connect businesses locally, regionally, and globally. The Gwinnett Chamber uses its strategic marketing and communications capabilities to support its members, promote its programs, and enhance economic development efforts.

"Sandler is the best thing I have done for my sales career. Through Sandler training and coaching, I have been able to exceed my sales goals consistently. My weekly sales class keeps me on my A-Game!”

Megan Lesko

Scott Deaton



We have been in Sandler Training now for approximately four years. It has revolutionized our sales process. In that time period, our revenue growth has been consistently 35-50% each year. After one year of training, what we used to consider to be a great month of sales, we were selling in a week. After three years of training, what used to be a great week of sales, is now a great day of sales. It is common for us to have sales in a single day that exceed what we were selling in month prior to Sandler.

Scott Deaton
2017 Impact Award


Thank you to our clients for nominating us for the #IMPACTBusinessAwards, hosted by the Gwinnett Chamber!

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