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Simon, Inc. | Metro Atlanta

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Simon Inc.

Metro Atlanta/Peachtree Corners – Authorized Sandler Training Center


Simon, Inc., is a sales training, coaching, and business development consulting company based in the Metro Atlanta/Peachtree Corners area specializing in teaching business owners and sales professionals to be effective and consistent with their business development strategies, tactics, and attitudes.

Al Simon


Al Simon was a mediocre salesperson for 22 years. He thought he was a professional, because he was in the right place at the right time with a good compensation plan, so he made decent money. But in reality, he was an order taker and not a top performer. Sandler Training changed all that. It took a mediocre 40-something and made him into a true sales professional and trusted advisor.

Fast forward >> Al Simon is the President of Simon, Inc., an authorized Sandler Training franchise located in Metro Atlanta Georgia, and an award-winning Sandler trainer, author, coach, and speaker. Simon, Inc. started September 10, 2001 and was named Sandler “Rookie of The Year” for calendar year 2002.

Today, dozens of organizations trust Al with their sales professionals and leaders. Al trains and consults with business owners, senior managers and sales professionals from a variety of industries including professional service firms, manufacturing, information technology providers, construction and geotech. Simon, Inc. specializes in training and coaching in the areas of sales, leadership, sales management, and customer service. 

Al welcomes you to connect with him via Email and LinkedIn.

Gary Zermuehlen

Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Gary has been in sales for over 25 years. In 2016, Gary joined Dale Carnegie Training where he continued to sell but also became a coach for the Dale Carnegie Course. His heart, however, remained in sales; and Gary decided he wanted to hone his selling skills and focus on training and coaching solely in the sales arena. In 2020, Gary heard that Al Simon, with the Simon Sandler franchise in metro Atlanta, was one of the best coaches and sales trainers in Georgia. “I was also told, bar none, Sandler had the best sales training available worldwide.” Gary went to Al asking for a position. Al accepted and Gary submersed himself in the Sandler methodology. It was at this time Gary realized he never really had the selling skills he thought he had. “I was more of an order taker, not a true sales professional that I thought I was before I came to Sandler.”

Now Gary has not only adopted the Sandler way but is training and coaching others on this incredible sales methodology. “We don’t just help develop skills sets, Sandler also develops the behaviors and attitudes people need to be successful. I have found nothing more satisfying than watching people meet and exceed their sales goals by adopting the Sandler sales approach.”

Connect with Gary via Email and LinkedIn.


Our Location


5550 Triangle Parkway, Ste. 125
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Phone: (770) 622-7000
Fax: (770) 729-6212

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Since our company was a client of Al Simon and Sandler Training, we experienced excellent results. Our people are better prepared for their sales calls, and execute them more confidently and professionally. Our revenues increased significantly, our sales cycle shortened, and our close rate increased. It has been one of our best investments.

Tom Preston President, The Agency Advantage

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