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Sandler Training/Simon Inc. offers additional services that are focused on businesses and organizations with more specific needs. These services are provided outside of our standard President’s Club and Strategic Management Solutions training programs.

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Building a High Performance Sales Process

Sometimes it’s not what you don't know, but rather what you know for sure that just ain't so! Your old sales process limits your salespeople from moving your product and service at the speed you want for your company. Join Al Simon as he offers innovative systems for approaching sales that overcome the challenges of outdated traditional methods.

Our Executive Briefings offer a high-level, 1-1/2 hour in-depth look at the business development and sales processes. Specifically geared for business owners, Presidents, CEOs, and Top Decision Makers, these sessions present common and shared problems and how Sandler Training can assist, guide, and maximize your team performance.

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Sales hiring is a perilous journey. Hiring salespeople and sales managers is one of the hardest hiring decisions a business executive will face. 

Know before you hire. We help our clients prevent hiring mistakes. We bring to our clients a process and a set of tools that allows you to "look under the hood" of the sales candidate before you shell out big dollars to bring them on. We provide our clients with guidance on how to best screen the candidate, where that screening should fit in the overall search-and-hiring process, and how to conduct the best interview. We can also benchmark your current team so you'll know better what to look for - and what to look out for as you search for your newest sales or sales management employee.

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THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE WHEN IT'S LIVE!! This is a full one-day in-house boot camp on-site at your location spent with your inside/outside sales staff. We listen to BOTH SIDES of the telephone conversations to YOUR prospects as they happen, guiding your people through a proven, successful cold calling process. They will hear and experience the scripts that get return phone calls as they learn to gather necessary information for a smooth transition to that important face-to-face meeting.

Simon Inc. provides detailed reports of what we see and what we hear, and we assist in implementing a program for monitoring success. We'll find out what your people know and what they don't know and how good and/or how bad they are. This is not theory. 

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Al Simon has appeared at dozens of corporate and organizational functions and has spoken on a wide variety of business and personal development topics.  He is available to speak at corporate and networking events, trade shows, sales meetings, and seminars. Below are some of the topics available. 

If your group or organization is planning an event, and would like something more than the usual motivational, "jump-up-and-down-type" message that will be forgotten shortly after the meeting is adjourned, contact us for more information or to schedule a speaker.

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30 Minutes of Less

  • How to ask for referrals effectively and consistently
  • Terrific Presentation Techniques
  • The B's & P's of Success
  • Working A Room
  • Making and Building Strategic Alliances
  • Being Effective on the Telephone

60 Minutes

  • Building Rapport With Prospects, Quickly!
  • Break the Rules and Close More Sales
  • Crafting Your Prospecting Plan
  • Creating Your Best 30-Second Commercial
  • Managing Centers of Influence
  • Interpersonal Communications

1-1/2 to 2 Hours

  • Questioning Techniques
  • Setting Proper Expectations With Clients and Prospects
  • Filling Your Pipeline With Qualified Prospects
  • New business development
  • Using LinkedIn for Selling
  • Leadership and management challenges
  • Recruiting, assessing and hiring
  • "Win-win" negotiating
  • Referrals and networking


Some of the public and corporate workshops we offer include:

  • Selling Using LinkedIn
  • "No Guts No Gain”
  • Sandler Negotiating
  • Cold Calling and New Business Prospecting
  • Finding and Hiring Top Level Producers
  • Stop Unpaid Consulting
  • How to Hire, Motivate, and Retain Quality People
  • Selling (and Thriving) in a Down Economy
  • Close the Deal ( … or Close the File!)
  • Networking for Business Professionals

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I am a business advisor located near Huntsville Alabama. During 2012/2013 I attended Sandler Sales Training conducted by Al Simon. I have incorporated the Sandler method into my sales process and had substantial measurable results. My closing rate nearly doubled within the year, and my average transaction value increased over 30%. In addition, the length of my average client engagement increased by 50%. This resulted in 2012 becoming my best year since beginning my business in 2008. I would recommend Al Simon and the Sandler program to any business looking to grow sales and profitability.

Steven Levy President, SEL & Associates